10 Reasons to do the 30 Hr. Famine

  1. Teenagers need a reason to put down the energy drinks, coffee, pop, and soda for a day and a half.
  2. Raising money for starving children is not a need to, it’s a have to.  Global poverty means we must take care of the poor and hungry.  It is a commandment we are told to follow repeatedly in both the Old and New Testament.
  3. The famine gives teenagers a chance to get to know people that they might not know or hang out with at school.
  4. The famine helps young people talk about issues regarding hunger and poverty that are taking place in their own community and allows leadership to help them put their ideas into action.
  5. The famine allows youth and young people to see how a tribe functions and some of the hardships tribes face when trying to get food, water, and shelter.
  6. By doing the famine you get to watch young people build a “cardboard city”, which is priceless.
  7. The famine opens up an opportunities for students to make a first time decision to follow Jesus Christ. (We saw three young people come to know Christ at the famine this year!)
  8. The famine allows students and young people an opportunity to “rededicate” their lives to Jesus Christ and get back on track with God.
  9. The famine gives young people an opportunity to serve in the community doing various service projects.
  10. There’s pizza at the end of the rainbow.  Everybody loves pizza!



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