Youth Ministry Game: Reverse Battle Ship

My game guy for GeNESIS, Brandon, is going to be away from our group tomorrow night.  As for me not being skilled at youth ministry games (darn you Grace College, darn you!), I asked him to bless my e-mail inbox with a sweet game to play on Sunday.  He submitted the following.

Game: Reverse Battle Ship


  1. Create 2 teams.
  2. Create groups in each team 2-3 people in each “ship” where each person has a chair to sit on.
  3. A ship has 1-2 people who can see the opposing team and a gunner who has their back to the other team and is blindfolded.
  4. Like regular battle ship, each team gets to exchange 1 shot per round, and a different ship should fire each new round.
  5. A hit happens when anyone in the ship is hit by the other teams shot.
  6. If a ship is hit, the crew should exchange places. So a gunner would become a crew and one of the crew would become the new gunner. The ship can be relocated at this time too but must stay where they move.
  7. A ship is “sunk” when it has been hit the same number of times as there are people. This way each member of the ship is a gunner once.
Game Play: The 2 teams find positions in the game area to setup their chairs. Gunners should be blindfolded during this time too so they don’t know where any ships are. After everyone is ready, give one ship’s gunner a dodgeball for a shot. The gunner’s crew member can direct them to fire in an area, and the gunner then tries to fire over their head in that direction. The other team is then given the opportunity to shoot. Cycle through the ships on both teams. Add multiple dodgeballs to speed things up if needed.
NOTE: Since I don’t always understand big words and I’m more of a visual learner, Brandon decided to throw in a pic to help better explain the game to me.
Thanx Brandon!
What about you?  Got any other sweet youth ministry/youth group games?
Let me know.

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