He Said What?

“If God is not doing it, I would suggest, in most cases, not to waste your life by banging your head against the wall with stubborn, stiff-necked religious people who don’t want to be led. I know God calls some people to preach people who will never listen (Jeremiah and Isaiah) and others to lead people who will never follow (Joshua). Every pastor faces real difficulties with his people, and real shepherds don’t “flee the sheep” when things get hard. Jesus stuck by his deadbeat disciples when they all deserted Him, laying down His life for them! But, that said, I would not voluntarily “waste my life” by trying to lead people who don’t want to be led because they are not really converted, are hard-hearted, and really ought to be disciplined out of the church anyway… that is, when the fields of lost people are “white unto harvest.” Go plant. Find a fertile field and invest your life there. You’ve only got one life, and there are billions of lost people.” -Pastor J.D.


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Talked to @markartrip today or Yukon Cornelius - a character from the 1964 Rankin/Bass television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. #soconfusedrightnow #strikingresemblance This afternoon/evening... #girlsgirlsgirls When your dad’s the pastor, your moms a ministry head and there’s a church meeting on Saturday morning they both attend, you get to watch movies in dad’s office. #churchlife #preachersdaughters #Christknown The secret to great sleep! Just add a tablespoon of each to 8 ounces of decaf tea (let tea steep for three minutes before adding honey and ACV) an hour before bed. #boom #sundayscoming Sometimes I catch a glimpse and remember what it was like that first time I saw her... #theprofessor #hardatwork

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