Easter Recap

Holy Easter!

Our house has been jam packed with people for the last week and a half.  The visits were much needed, encouraging, and engaging for Bethany and I to say the least.  How about a quick Easter update?

Last Saturday and Sunday


Bethany had a few of her girlfriends (Kari left and Megan on the right) from college come down to visit.  Kari is a PA (Physicians Assistant) working in the Winona Lake Indiana area while Megan teaches school.  Those girls have done a major work in my wife’s spiritual growth so to say she was excited to have them out is an understatement (I would be lying if I said I was excited to see them as well).

We took them around our house in the country, the church in town, and around the area to show them where we live and how we are ministering to the people.  We went out a couple times to the various Highland/Pocahontas hot spots (I would call them local places that we find amusing.  Powhatan anyone?) which led to some great conversations, retold college stories, and a run-in with some of the locals who had a little too much to drink (which I’m sure that story will be told for generations to come).

The highlight of the visit for me was having a table full of people after church on Sunday morning talking and laughing with each other and ending the day with Breakfast on Sunday evening.  Kari got to see the arch, Megan got to shop, and Bethany got to enjoy hanging out with her girls.  It was a great weekend.

Last Monday through Saturday


Monday was the kick-off to what I dubbed the “in-law week”.  Bethany’s parents (Larry on the left and Gail on the right) decided to come out for a visit on Monday and stayed with us until Saturday morning.  We went out to dinner/lunch a few times and managed to fit in a shopping trip to the Saint Louis Mill.  While the visit with them was good, it seemed that everything in our house broke, choirs needed done, or we (Bethany and I) both had loads of work to do.  Regardless of how busy we were, they kept busy and that made it a good visit.  I think the highlight of having them out was seeing Larry’s face when I decided to put my new grill together at 10:30 at night.  That or hearing them laugh at the endless amounts of Everyone Loves Raymond episodes that seemed to continuously play in our house.

NOTE: They (Bethany’s parents) ussually go to Florida for their Spring Break but due to all the families run-ins with skin cancer and their other two other daughters being away from the house, they came to Highland.

This Sunday

We spent a massive amout of time Sunday morning participating in the various Easter Services that were going on in town.  There was a Sonrise service that took place on the square we went to at 7:00 am (which was freezing!  I gave myself a gold crown for sticking it out.  Jesus was proud of me!).  We went straight from that service to the one that was held (inside, praise the Lord) at the church.  It was a good service; Worship was rocking, great message, and good fellowship.  Since we didn’t have youth group in the evening, we hit up Red Robin with Jonathan for dinner and then had some students we haven’t seen in awhile over to our house in the evening.

I crashed out late last night thanking God for our good friends, our loving families, and the joy a Savior who gives eternal life through Jesus Christ.

How was your Easter week?



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