Friday Mind Dump


AGAPE Music Fest is today.  We are taking some of our teenagers since we live so close (the event is in Greenville IL).  It looks like it’s going to be a fun weekend but the rain is threatening our area.  Oh rain, I wonder if you’re an effect of Adam’s sin?

I recently started receiving WIRED magazine in the mail (I have no idea how I got it or who subscribed for me).  It is an awesome magazine (thank you if someone subscribed for me) full of interesting information for your everyday life!  Seriously, check it out.

Catalyst West Coast (I just threw up the “west side” sign) just took place!  Although I did not get to attend, I saw a video used from my friend Mark.  Click here, here, or here to laugh hard.  Harder than you have at Saturday Night Live lately.

We just had our first Blessing of the Bikes event last Sunday.  It was awesome to see the church come together with the support we needed to make the event happen.  We had over 50 bikers show up with over 100 people attending the event.  I was going to post a recap and how we made it happen this week but I just didn’t have time.  I’ll try to get it up before the end of next week.

I finally feel like “The Office” is coming back around as a show.  Last night I actually laughed out loud a few times which hasn’t happened in a long time.  (p.s. if your a fan of the moving picture box you should check out “Hell’s Kitchen“.  I wish we had a Gordon Ramsey for the church.  How awesome would that be?)

With Summer just around the corner, I’m back into running, biking and training for some races.  The Highland Biathon (5 mile run/15 mile ride) is just 25 days away!  The mornings keep getting better and better.

God is good.  Don’t forget that!



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