Running the Race: Part 4

I have been studying Hebrews 12 recently  for a study I am doing with a group of high school students.  I have been using the illustration of a race as an example of how we are to live our lives as Christians.

Here is the last part of that study.

Step 4: Run With Everything You Got

When the gun goes off,

it’s time to run.


With everything you got.

When we accept Christ, it time to run.  From the moment of acceptance, we need to run the race in a “straight path” that has already been laid out for us through Jesus.  While there may be other “races” (religions) that might look “amazing” or have a better surface to run on, we need to focus on the the truth of the cross.

God wants what’s best for us even though it might not seem like it at the time.

Remember how important it is to be grateful that we even have the opportunity to run.  We cannot be shaken or broken when we run, we have keep our eyes on Christ because He provided the best example on how to live.  As we run, we are offering ourselves up to God in worship because we are doing His will.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him” -John Piper

So throw off the sin and temptation from inside yourself and from those around you, so you can run strong.  As you and I run this Christian life, we are drawing closer to the finish, running faster than when we started, growing deeper in our faith, and maturing more in our relationship with Christ.

The race is amazing.  In this glorious challenge where we get the privilege to see how awesome God is, how reverent He is, and how He continues to leave us in awe of His power.

The finish line is ahead I promise.  If your struggling, keep going.  Keep challenging yourself and dying to want you want.  Only then can you become more conformed to the image of Christ.  Our God is a consuming fire.  We must remember that it is better to run with Him than be consumed by Him.

Think about it.



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