The Simple Truth About Rain

It’s raining today.

Rainy days are hard to handle.

Everything is magnified.  Life looks rougher than normal.  People appear gloomy.  The sun doesn’t sine.

It’s cold.

We are forced to live in the rain at times.

Jeremiah lived in the rain.

He preached a message that was constantly rejected by the people.  At times his heartache must have seemed overwhelming.    How frustrating would it be to preach everyday to stubborn people who did exactly the opposite of what God said.  I still don’t understand how Jeremiah stayed grounded throughout his ministry.  I wonder how many times he regretted raising his hand and opening his mouth to utter those two words…

“Send me!”

Jeremiah struggled in the rainy days.

He got frustrated,


In Lamentations chapter three Jeremiah expressed his grief with God.  He seems to “complain” that God had ignored him and his prayers.  It was as if had “covered himself with a cloud that no prayer could pass through” (see verse 44).

However, through the heartache Jeremiah faced, he understood the need to justify God.  He knew in the end everything would work out according to God’s plan.  The rain would let up and the sun would shine again in the proper time if he remained faithful.  He acknowledged that it could have been worse.  The rain could have come down harder, the lightning bolts could have been stronger, and the thunder could have been louder.  Through it all he knew,

God is in control.

The hope we have and must continue to hold onto in the rain comes through the Lord’s great love for His people.  We must remember how important it is to stay grounded in the faith like Jeremiah.  We must understand that God is with the faithful.   We must embrace how amazing it is to be in the Lord’s mercy and grace.  How awesome is it that we are not consumed in the storms of life because of our great God?

We need to count ourselves blessed.

God’s compassion should never be taken for granted.

I forget that on rainy days.

The application is apparent.  Be patient.  The rain will cease, the hurting will stop, and the suffering will end in God’s perfect timing.  Everything is not as bad as it seems.  God is in control.  When you look out the window and see the rain coming down, when your problems are magnified because of the downcast weather, when life looks rough and gloomy and you swear the sun will never shine again, remember the importance of the simple truths Jeremiah uttered,

“The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”

Rest in the shelter of the Lord as the storms of life pass.




1 Response to “The Simple Truth About Rain”

  1. 1 Mike May 28, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    It’s been raining on us for over 2 years, at times it seems to pour so much that we cannot see through it. One lesson we have learned is to just focus on God and hold tight to Him through the rain. There are times you think the rain will sweep you away, but God is the ultimate life-guard and will not allow that to happen. It is hard to be patient in a storm, but then we think back on how patient God has been with us, and it all comes into focus again.

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