O’ How I Love Jesus

Hebrews paints a wonderful picture of Jesus.  The first couple of chapters illuminate “the Christ” to show His glory and power.  It’s almost as if the writer sat down, thought about all the events that had just occurred, and then a light bulb bust over his head.

He got it.

God choose to speak to the people in the days of old through the prophets.  The people rejected that message.  They needed flesh and blood.  They needed an example to follow.  They wanted to see God face to face.  God didn’t have to, but He choose to appoint a Son. His Son.  A Son to show the people how to live, how to love, how to pray, and how to disciple.  He choose to die but didn’t stop there as He rose again as the victory over death so we could have an eternal relationship with the one and only.

I think we forget how Jesus effects our lives daily.

I think we forget how truly great He is…

The following are four truths about Jesus.  Meditate on these for awhile.  Say them over and over in your head if you need to.  Let the passages “sink in”.  A passive reader can miss the relevant truths presented, so refuse to skim the text.

  • Jesus is the radiance (or perfect reflection) of God’s glory
  • Jesus is the “exact imprint” of God’s nature
  • Jesus upholds the universe by the word of His power
  • Jesus makes a purification (a cleansing) for sins through his death and resurrection

The simple message this morning is this,

Jesus IS God’s son.

Listen to what He says.  Apply His truths in your life as you are conforming your life more and more to the Christ.  Be a living sacrifice.  Be pure and holy.  Understand that by an eternal act of God, once and for all, Jesus made purification for your sin.  His shed blood brought you eternal salvation.

Think about it.



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