Friday Mind Dump

I looked up at the clock this morning as I rose out of bed and realized it was Friday.

Time for a mind dump!


For my fellow pastors, there is a “new” site that just recently launched called “Porn to Purity“.  The site is meant to be a journal of a husband and wife who struggle with sexual sin, their experiences and help for the hurting.  Interesting stuff for sure and could be a great tool for your ministry!

I was extremely bummed that I didn’t get a chance to make it out to the “Advance 09” conference this year.  Advance was a conference that was held to illuminated the resurgence of the church.  Even though I was unable to make the event, The Resurgence posted every message that was presented at the conference.  You can download them all here.  I am only through the first two and a half sessions… great stuff!

This year our church decided it would be a good idea to enter the parade in town.  Although the project took some work, it has been awesome to see all the people come together to accomplish a simple vision.  This year we are doing a church picnic theme from the days of the old (think Billy Sunday and a young Billy Grahm).  We are passing out candy and “hugs” (those little juice boxes that are amazing!).  It’s going to be awesome.  Come out Saturday and Sunday to the parade to get a piece of candy and a hug!

Bethany and I took some time off Wednesday night for a mid-week date to the fabulous Fox Theatre in Saint Louis.  We went to see The Wailers (a Bob Marley cover band) open up for O.A.R. (one of our favorite jam bands from college).  It was such a great night.  We danced like children as our hearts were filled with the music that brought us together from the days of old.  My wife’s so much cooler than yours…

This week I was saddened to hear about the news regarding Gary Lamb.  Watching another pastor go down is always hard for me to witness.  Through that hardship though, I am remined of how important it is to make time for your wife and concentrate on remaining focus in the walk I have with the Lord.  When you’re a target for the devil, you have to stay on top of your game.

I discovered World Market Coffee this week (  For you coffee lover out there it is pretty good coffee that you should check out.

Currently right now I am reading Tony Evans “Theology” book (  Every pastor should have that book in their library!

That’s enough for now.  Hope you feel updated on what’s going on in my life and in my head.



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