Camp Recap


Some random facts

  • Severe storms woke everyone at 4:30 in the morning Thursday.  We survived 80 mile an hour winds, trees falling down everywhere, and lighting that didn’t stop.
  • Due to the storm, our power was out almost all day Thursday.  No showers, no toilets, and no electricity.  Regardless, we managed to “session” every time without all the luxuries of the world.  Imagine that.
  • Friday night we regained power through out the entire camp.  Students got showers, staff rejoiced!
  • After Friday night was over, 4 students made decisions to follow Jesus Christ and a massive amount of students got right with Jesus through heart change.
  • Regardless of all the “problems”, the Word got preached every time.  The spiritual disciples were encountered and implemented and we came together to redefine who we are in the body of Christ.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

What an awesome week with the young people!



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