Friday Mind Dump


In the words of Mr. Dave Matthews, “So much to say, so much to say, so much to say…”

-Next Wednesday Bethany and I will have been married for 3 years.  Check this out.



Top Pic: Grace College 2005  – Two young kids in love on Saint Patrick’s Day (we weren’t even married yet!).

Bottom Pic: Wrigley Field 2009 – Still kids in love (Married and loving it!)!

-Last week Bethany and I made a trek up to Wrigley Field for our anniversary/my birthday.  Although the Cubs lost to the red birds in nine, it was an awesome time to hang out with my wife and watch America’s favorite past time  on God’s chosen field.

-Here are a few that have crossed my mind in the last couple of weeks regarding my spiritual walk.  They may prove to be a peek at what has been happening and what God has been trying to teach me while I focus on Him.

  • “Simple acts of sin may seem minor at times, but the implications of those imperfections illuminate the restoration needed through salvation.”
  • “One of the most beautiful and tragic aspects of Christianity is that we get to question it.”
  • “Breaking points are breeding grounds for old sins to reignite sins once conquered. Remain focused on the cross in times of trauma.”
  • “The gospel is the good news of regeneration in our lives that never ceases.”

-I learned a valuable lesson this past week in the benefits of waiting to solve issues.  While the “issue” still remains unresolved, it is slowly working itself out.  It seems there is knowledge in being patient in the process of letting God be God and me be me.  I pray for restoration and God’s hand to be provisional in the outcome.

-Being that I’m from Grace College, I can’t help but think of the Momentum Conference that is going on right now.  So awesome to think of the friends I have there right now knocking it out of the park for Jesus.  I’m praying for you guys and your students as they encounter Christ at this event.

-So much coming up this half of the year, so little time to talk.  Keep checking in, I’ll keep you posted.

To God be the Glory!



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