Friday Mind Dump


Bethany woke up yesterday to her back car window being shattered.  Since we live in the country I’m going to blame it on the storm and not those gosh darn teenagers!

Tonight we are headed to an NFL pre-season football game (for some reason this post would be funny in a southern accent.  Try it out by reading everything out loud).  The Rams are playing the Falcons in Saint Louis and since we scored free tickets, we’re going to use them to get out of the house.

Youth group starts in two days!  I’m excited for our students and staff to begin.  I have been praying for them as they make their way back to group.  This year is going to be full of fun activities for our young people as they grow deeper into their relationship with God.

With youth group starting again, this week has been a storm.  Trying to get everything back in place and in order creates some tension to say the least.  Between teaching four times a week, trying to get a hold on our smallGROUPS and leaders, and taking over heading up the Sunday school programs, I’m jam packed.  I think it’s time to equip more people to lead.

Today is an amazing day.  It’s one of those days where you can have a t-shirt and jean on without having to be cold or warm.  The weather is perfect.  Just perfect.

Bethany and I had friends here who just had a baby.  It’s crazy to think that we are in that stage of life where friends are past getting married and now on to having children of their own.  I’ll answer the question in your head here once and for all. Bethany and I are in no rush to have kids.  They will come in the Lord’s time.  Now you don’t have to ask.

What’s on your mind?



1 Response to “Friday Mind Dump”

  1. 1 Ron August 23, 2009 at 1:35 am

    Wow. To add to your stream of consciousness . . . Even Jesus had a fish story.

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