Monday Load-In

Monday mornings I spend some time in the mornings doing what I call, “load-ins”.  When I used to work at Lowes (the finest home improvement facility in all Warsaw Indiana) in college, we would get shipments from various trucks at the beginning of the week that needed loaded into the store.  While the truck would come and dump everything off on Monday, it would take the majority of the week to get everything set-up and in place throughout the various departments in the store.

Therefore, on Monday’s I “load-in” or put everything on a to-do-list that needs accomplished throughout the week.  I spend some time placing the “load” on a schedule then sort them out according to what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by to have the maximum impact.  Here’s what a typical Monday “load-in” looks like for me:

Weekly Load-In List


  • Prepare and study for College Sunday School Lesson
  • Update Website(s) – youth/church (if needed, includes facebook pages)
  • smallGROUPS prep and development

GeNESIS (Youth Group Sunday Night Prep)

  • Introduction/welcome Video (burn onto DVD if needed)
  • Worship Set (usually 3 songs set-list)
  • Worship Slides
  • Game(s)
  • Any Other “special” Activities
  • Lesson (prep and study)
  • Breakout Questions (if needed)
  • Staff Schedules

GeNESIS (Other)

  • Monday Morning Memo (staff e-mail giving updates and information)
  • Deeper Bible Study (Wednesday night core group study. Prep and study)
  • Contact students (we do this bi-weekly as a “check-in”)
  • Contact Staff (also bi-weekly to get a “feel” for how things are going and/or concerns)
  • 5th Quarter Prep (only during football season)
  • Youth Pastor report (monthly)
  • Event Planning (This is a wide category that depends on the year.  It is for retreats, conferences, or any other events we have coming up.  I usually break this down deeper than what it is listed as here)

Other (church related material)

  • Softball (this is seasonal but it usually includes sending out an e-mail and doing line-ups)
  • Plan, prep, and study for speaking engagements or worship
  • Meetings (usually already booked.  Some meetings take prep work, some don’t.  It just depends.)

So as you can see, things need sorted out.  Like I said before, on Monday I will break this down to gauge what needs to be done and by what day.  It takes a lot of discipline to get everything accomplished but in ministry it is necessary because you never know who will pop in at random or what could come up (wedding, funeral, family crisis, etc.).

Other youth pastors:

  • What do you do in the week?
  • How do you organize and maintain your schedule?
  • What does a “load-in look like for you?

I would love to hear your responses.



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