How We Did in 2009

The following was written by my wife, Bethany…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We hope this season finds you doing well and also enjoying the many festivities this time of year provides in celebration of our Savior’s birth.  We are certainly doing our best to enjoy everything we can!  We haven’t had a good snow yet, which is greatly disappointing, but we’re (or I am) waiting.

This past year has brought much excitement to the Muck household.  We are still renting the ole farmhouse in Pocahontas, IL and enjoy the many activities that come with living in the country – bonfires with friends and the teenagers, gardening, watching beautiful sunsets from the front porch, and taking long walks down the lane next to our house.  There is still four hours of mowing a week, but Jordan takes care of that now.

However, our most exciting news is that we are expecting our first addition to the family on June 11.  Yes…you read that right.  The Mucks are pregnant!  Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for this wee one’s arrival and for the health of me and the baby (as well as Jordan’s sanity).

As for the rest of our “children,” Towzer turned 3 this December and is becoming the typical olde English bulldogge- sleeping and eating all day.  He’s very much a part of our family, whether it’s providing comfort during the hard times, riding bikes with, playing catch with, or just jumping up on our bed to snuggle with us in the middle of the night.  He now has free roam of the house while we’re gone, which makes life a little easier.  It’s been fun to watch him react to the pregnancy; sometimes he doesn’t know how to act and other times he’s absolutely crazy!  Neverthless, he’s one in a million.  Yes, we do still have the indoor cats, Harmony and Mexico, as well as 2 outdoor cats, so at times we feel like we’re living in a zoo, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Jordan is still the youth pastor at Highland Community Church and has really enjoyed getting involved in the community this year.  He helped coach freshmen baseball again this past Spring and continues to speak regularly at the high school’s monthly Power Hour.

He still runs our weekly youth program, GeNESIS, where we’re seeing consistent and steady spiritual growth in the lives of our students.  Three of our students are at Christian colleges and we’re hoping to send five more of our students to a Christian college this year.  This upcoming Spring will be bittersweet for us, though, as we watch the students who were freshmen when we came to HCC graduate from high school.  Continue to pray for these students.

Included in Jordan’s youth pastor activities are leading a weekly Bible study with the teenagers called Deeper, as well as leading a bi-weekly small group for some adults in the church.  We’ve also scheduled many activities with the GeNESIS program including a spring retreat, fall retreat, Six Flags trip, Easter Egg Hunt, lock-ins, serving a Christmas breakfast, music festivals, and at the end of this month, a trip with 12 high school students to Pigeon Forge, TN for conference.  As you can see, our lives have been anything but dull.  Jordan has given 110% to this ministry this year, and we’re so excited to see what next year will hold!

Jordan is still in the process of working on his master’s degree through Trinity Seminary in Newburg Indiana.  He has all of his classes done and is starting work on his thesis.  The goal is to be done in June (before the baby comes)!  Keep him in your prayers.  He’s very excited to begin… as he’s been waiting for me to finish my degree so that I can help him write the thesis.

This December, I finished my master’s degree at Webster University.  I officially have a Masters of Arts in Music with an emphasis in piano pedagogy; however, the ceremony isn’t until May.  I finished my thesis, which ended up being around 70 pages, entitled “A Survey of Fourteen Beginning Piano Method Series.”  I am also still teaching through St. Louis’ Community Music School as well as through my private studio in Highland.  All in all, I have a total of twenty-three private students.  Besides these activities, I am also accompanying one day a week at the local high school as well as leading our first service worship team at HCC.

We thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement, and support of our ministry here in Highland.  We couldn’t do it without each and everyone of you.  Every phone call, e-mail, letter, and card is cherished (and usually hung on our refrigerator).  We know that, even though some of you are family, God has placed you in our lives for a reason and for that we are grateful.

In Christ’s love,

Jordan & Bethany Muck


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