Vision for Youth Notes: Session One

Vision for Youth Conference
Session One: Mike Calhoun
Beyond the Status Quo: Defining Student Leadership


  • Youth Ministry is becoming a system where parents come in and say, “Here is my kid, fix them.”.
  • Students 14 to 18 years of age can do anything.
  • Students have a passion to do things we are scared to do.  We need to help them reach their potential in Christ.
  • Students are willing to accept the challenge when we are bold in our teaching.  If they fail to see us preach the Word, they never will.
  • You don’t grow by addition, you grow by multiplication.
  • We are great at making church members, not disciples of Christ.
  • Novel idea: Live what you believe.

Concepts we have missed out on:

  • Teaching students doctrine and biblical teaching
  • Getting students to take responsibility for their own walk
  • Train adults to be Godly leaders

What do teenagers need in their lives:

  • Develop a Biblical Worldview
  • Answer real-life questions with the Bible
  • Demonstrate a Godly lifestyle
  • Focus on life change, not life management


What would be the “Top 10” things you would like to see in your youth ministry?  What are the road blocks you are facing to getting that done?

What does being a Christian look like in your life? Is that biblical?  Does your Christianity look the same way you want someone else’s “Christianity” to look like? (People need to see Christianity “working” in your life before you expect it to work in theirs.)

Mike Online

  • Mike’s Blog: Here
  • Mike’s twitter: Here
  • Mike on facebook: Here

My Thoughts:

Mike was right on in his discussion about youth ministry.  I get so tired of hearing speakers, youth pastors, and workers trying to teach the latest trends/fades to their young people instead of teaching what the Bible says.  Trying to be “cool” with people ten years younger than you is a tiring process, teaching the word of God is engaging.  Mike drove home the importance of preaching the Word of God to young people, equipping them to make an impact, engaging them to succeed, and actually living Biblical Christianity out our own lives so young people can see what being a Godly man/woman for God is all about.

Interesting session.



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