Youth Group Game: Head in a Box

This one is pretty simple.

Take two tables and put a sheet over both tables (make sure there are both covered pretty well and the sheet hangs to the floor.  You don’t want people to be able to see under the table!).  Make a gap between the two tables then cut a hole in one of the sheets so there is a space for someone to kneel under the gap in the tables and poke their head out of the hole you cut out.  Take four or five boxes with four objects to put under the box.  The fifth box is for the “head”.  Have three or four students leave the room with a staff member where they can’t hear what is going on.  (NOTE: you should have this game set up before you start so that the students have no idea what is going on.)

When the students that you sent away with staff are away from ear shot you explain the game to the rest of the group.  After you have explained the game bring one student down at a time.  Tell that person something like this: “Tonight we are going to play a game to see how fast someone can recognize an object after they have seen it.  When I say go you are going to run up to the table and remove one box at a time yelling out the object that is underneath the box.  Remember that you will be timed in this event so speed matters.  If you fail to get an object correct you must go back and identify that object correctly (NOTE: we have students time this event to make the person think we are actually timing the event.)  Ready? GO!

The rest is pretty self explanatory.

This is how we make it happen:

So much fun!



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