Mind Dump

Today is Tuesday January 19th.  It seems like the more I look at the calendar, the more is leans towards the end os the month.  Time goes by so quickly.

Right now I am reading two books at the same time:  His Needs, Her Needs for Parents and As they Seem ’em (which I have been reading for a long time, just need to get it done).

44 days until the first game of Chicago Cubs pre-season baseball.  This is our year?  Speaking of Baseball, did you hear Mark McGuire took steroids?  I thought it was all that milk.

Country music is on rotation right now in the jukebox.  If that’s your thing check out Chris Young, David Nail, and Jamey Johnson.  If your not a country fan, I got the new Vampire Weekend disc spinning next to Ok Go‘s new one.  Both pretty quality tunes for the winter time.

153 days until summer. (My feet are cold all the time in the winter!)

Bethany and I go to the doctor  this thursday to find out if we are having a boy baby or a girl baby.  I’m surprised at how many people don’t want to know/don’t want us to know the sex of the child.  I want to buy some sweet baby clothes, so we’re going to find out thursday if the baby cooperates.

You can tell it’s almost February by how unmotivated I am to get up early and work out.  This morning was rough but discipline kicked in and I got it done.  There are so many good programs out there that I have already completed (P90X, One on One‘s, Beachbody, etc).  Pick one and start getting in shape today.  It’s not to late!

Planning a hiking trip with some friends before the little one comes.  Anyone got hiking equipment they want to sell/give away?  Let me know as I am on the lookout for some gear.  If you have recommendations on gear, I’ll take those as well.

I feel better.  Time for a sermon and some cereal.

God is good.



1 Response to “Mind Dump”

  1. 1 Zach January 19, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    there hasn’t been another experience in my life comparable to the Dr. announcing the gender of our child. 9 months of anticipation finally answered. there aren’t too many times in our lives anymore where we get to be surprised like that.

    theres lots of time to buy those clothes after he/she is born.

    just my 2 cents.

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