Anything but a Lazy Sunday

Some awesome things that are happening at HCC.

  • People are not just singing the songs in worship but learning and understanding what worship in song looks/is like.  I also love the fact that week by week we are seeing people discuss the ways God is moving in their lives and how they are worshiping Christ with their lives throughout the week.
  • People are getting trained on areas to serve throughout the church.  They are starting to understand that church is more than sitting in a chair listening on Sunday (although we know that’s part of it as well).
  • Good fellowship at our potlucks that consisted of both the young and old laughing, discussing, and cherishing the time we have together as a family.
  • We are focused on biblically sound preaching that consists the practical application and a deeper learning of the text.
  • Our Sunday schools (yes, people still do that) are focusing on teaching doctrine, engaging in discussion, and placing practical life application that makes sense for the people in their culture and local communities.

These are just a few but we’re excited about what God is doing at/through the local church.

What’s God doing in your local community?



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