Today in a Nutshell

The Babies “R’ Us Experience:

We spent two hours registering at Babies “R” Us (our registry is here).  Kudos for “expectant mother’s” parking.  It’s the closest thing I have ever come to handicapped parking in my life.

Do you know how many pregnant women/people with kids are running around Babies “R” Us?  Forget sexual education at public schools.  Just take those kids on a field trip to this place.  Big bellies everywhere and a whole lot of crying.  It’s amazing how many dads were passed out in their glider section.

Babies “R” Us needs a nursery.  How do they not have a nursery?

People need to explain what baby item do.  For example, what’s a baby wedge?  What is the difference between a convertible crib and a convertible car seat (totally different than a convertible car by the way)?  How many bottles is enough?  Do you really expect us to pay that much for a breast pump?

I’m almost positive that 3/4th of the stuff at Babies is completely pointless.  For example, they had a Nintendo DS section (which Bethany would not let me register for) that had a banner overhead that said, “Mommy can play too!”.

After the Babies experience

We did a massive room overhaul at the house to get babies room “ready”.  That involved moving filing cabinets, desks, couches, and many other extremely heavy objects.  When pregnant woman can’t lift anything it’s amazing how fast you realize how many heavy objects are in your house.

The closer the due date comes, the more I realize how much of a “Dad” you slowly become without any instruction.  Things like calming your wife down in hormonal situations, fixing the worlds problems with a hammer, and multitasking are so much easier than they were before.  Where is my super dad shirt?  I want a super dad shirt.  Do they even make those?

Sometimes I can’t wait to have our beautiful baby just so I can show them all the work we did to get him/her here.  They would be so proud… if they could talk.

Here’s to parenthood!



1 Response to “Today in a Nutshell”

  1. 1 Sean McIntyre January 31, 2010 at 6:39 am

    Seems like you had fun… Though you really should go register in that ds section… Or hit up that section at target when/if you do a registry there too… Congrats on expecting… I hope to have little ones someday… I gotta find my perfect mate first though… Again congrats! I’m sure you’ll make a great dad and your wife a fantastic mother. You had great examples in your parents… Congrats!

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