People I Follow on Twitter

Check out a few people I “follow” on Twitter and why.


  • Chad OchoCinco (OGOchoCinco): Formerly Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals.  This guy is crazier than a box of rocks.  He says some of the most random/weird stuff in the world.  In the morning Chad asks, “Good morning world, what did I miss while I was asleep?” and people respond!
  • John Mayer (johncmayer): John is another guy that makes me laugh.  I’m pretty sure the man would twitter if he was getting murdered.
  • Justin Long (JustinLong_): Justin is a buddy of mine from college.  He posts some of the funniest stuff.  Everything from the sound of frozen lakes to the secret behind The Black Eyed Peas’ success (
  • Rain Wilson (rainnwilson): Rain is better knows as Dwight from “The Office”.  He is a weird human being.  Example tweet: “Diamonds. RT what’s ur favorite pizza topping?? (via @traylove19)”
  • Derek Brooks (broox): Derek has been a friend of mine for years.  It blows my mind that we are friends.  I think we have hung out in person maybe twelve times.  Regardless, Derek leads a fascinating life.  Check out his website here.


  • Rob Bell (realrobbell):  Rob is pastor who chooses to twitters about his life often instead of just the ministry.  While you do get your fill of his tour updates, resources to his books, etc. it’s still pretty sweet that the man allows you to see the other things that go on in his life.  Example:
  • Rick Warren (RickWarren): It’s amazing the incite Rick can put into a 140 characters or less.  I love that he uses U for “you” and R for “are”.  Love it!
  • Steven Furtick (stevenfurtick):  Honestly I only follow Steven for links to his blog posts.  The man is an interesting, interesting individual.
  • Paul Baloche (paulbaloche): Paul is a worship leader that drops awesome tweets about leading worship and everything that goes with it.
  • Wes Watson (weswatson): Wes is the audio visual guy from Elevation Church.  Although he hasn’t updated it forever, you can check out Wes’s blog here.

Just a few.

Who do you “follow”?



2 Responses to “People I Follow on Twitter”

  1. 2 Clint Bieri February 4, 2010 at 10:19 pm


    You follow me on twitter! What didn’t I make this list… I don’t understand?!

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