Conversation With Myself

Today I went through some old photos I had laying around. It all started with a twitter post I had about haircuts in Junior High. I hunted forever and could only find this one one picture from that time period (I’m betting my mom has a ton at her house that she would love to share with the world).

While it’s been a long time since Junior High (as you can tell), I was wondering what I would say to myself if I had a chance to sit down with that handsome guy.

The conversation might include some of the following quotes.

  • “Your personality is one in a million.  Just because some people don’t like it, a lot of people love it!”
  • “Yup, your voice still carries (it gets a little deeper too).”
  • “While you’re in school, keep in mind that your school grades don’t always reflect your intelligence.  You get a college degree in the future, not lying, I promise.  I’ll let you find out what it is in and where it’s from.  You’ll be blown away.”
  • “Eye contacts are awesome.  They make these ones that you can keep in your eyes for over a month without taken them out.  Of course, you’ll keep them in your eyes for a lot longer than that.”
  • “Your wife is totally awesome.  However, she is way different than the woman you have pictured in your head right now.”
  • “Jesus is a guy you’ll meet in about six years.  You’ll engage in Him a lot differently than the world, and a lot of “church people” do.  And yes, you will still break the mold when it comes to Christians.”
  • “Keep the dream alive when it comes to Bulldogs.  Having a dog is everything you think it is and then some.  However, he will eat a few things that are dear to your heart.”
  • “You are going to constantly fight with yourself inside.  You’ll be your biggest critic in the whole world, probably for the rest of your life.  It never goes away.  It’s going to take a lifetime to figure out but stay strong, it’s one of your best qualities.”

What would you say now if you could have a conversation with the you from Junior High?

I wonder if i would have even listened…



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