Wednesday Mind Dump

I got up this morning at 5:30 a.m.  It was a struggle I’m not going to lie.  While I’m usually an early riser, this morning was hard.  As I rolled out of bed after the battle in my mind I realized just how powerful our thought process can be.  I literally had a fight in my head regarding if I was going to get up or not.  It was quite humorous.  As I rolled into the kitchen to put my workout shoes at 5:32, I realized self discipline is pretty sweet.

I’m realizing more and more that your 25 to 30 years are a tough transitional part of life no matter who you are.  There is so much learning, change, developing, etc. that takes place in that gap.

Our baby is coming quicker than I could have ever imagined.  In less than four months we will have a new addition to our family.  Forget all the nursery stuff (although its pretty much “done), baby clothes, and teething rings (what do they do again?), I just want to meet our son/daughter (p.s. we won’t know the sex until D-Day.).

I think I’m getting tired of being attached to my computer.  When I say attached I mean attached.  Everything I have is on one machine (calendars, internet, Bibles/Study Aids, Word Processor, editing software, music, etc. etc.) so I have no choice to use it every single day.  I’m thinking of going back to some more “old school” stuff (paper planner, etc.) just so I don’t have to stare at a computer screen all the time.

I absolutely love hearing teenagers pray.  They are quick, to the point, and brutally honest.  Adults (some of them, not all of them!) seem to drag on forever ducking and dodging the point or trying to get in what I call “min-sermons” directed at other people across the room.  Not my teenagers.  When they talk to God they could care less who’s in the room.  They know its time to get serious with Jesus.  Bonus:  I love when someone interrupts the person praying to get a prayer request right when they mess their request up.  It’s always a “priceless” moment.  I know God grins a little every time it happens.

I’m spending to much time in my office.  I know it’s cold outside but i need to find other ways to “get out”.  What do you do to beat “winter hibernation”?

Master’s thesis is officially “under way”.  You can pray for that.  I’m dragging my feet but I got motivation and help that should be beneficial to the process.

What’s on your mind?



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