What’s Your Song?

When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place….” -Matthew 14:13

Thank God for the pauses in our lives. When you are listening to your favorite cd, there are breaks and “rests” in between each song. In the melody of life, there are rests. Sometimes during those rests, we sometimes believe we have come to the end of the song.

I believe God sends us times of forced leisure by allowing “breaks” in our lives. God brings a sudden pause into our lives so that we can refocus on Him.

If you have ever been in band, or you are a musician, you know that during a rest, break, interlude, you patiently count for your moment to come back in at the right moment…and if we are on our game, we play that next note with confidence.

God does not write the music of our lives without a plan. Our part is to learn the tune and not get flustered during the breaks and rests. The breaks and rests are not to be skipped over either. With our eyes and hearts towards God, the next note will be full and clear, and in tune. Rest is part of making the music.

What does the music of your life sound like right now? Is it noisy and loud? Maybe you need to take a break or rest, turn the music off for a while.

Note: The words above were written by Cory Mann

The music in my life is noisy… I need a rest…

What about you?



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