Learning from “99 Thoughts”

Some takeaways from “99 Thoughts for Youth Workers” by Josh Griffen

  • I’m starting to process what needs to go to the next level in our Sunday night meetings. We do some things really well but there is always something that we can “step up” to incorporate more people. Some areas I’m working on include worship in song, small groups, and staff growth.
  • Instead of focusing in the week on what should get done, I’m working at redirecting my focus to see what needs to get done that were not doing. This includes things like one-on-one mentoring with the students, service, and having those “hard” conversations with people instead of just going through the motions.
  • Instead of being a group that is narrow minded and behind closed doors I’m asking myself how can we ask a group serve the church? What can we do for the younger students, what families in the church need our help, who could we visit together in smaller groups?
  • We need a staff retreat. Period.
  • Always bring one idea and one solution to a meeting.
  • It’s time for another parent night at GeNESIS. Mom and Dad need to see the development taking place in our youth and share in owning the vision.
  • Simplify EVERYTHING. (The people you follow on twitter, how many blogs you read, your facebook intake, etc.) The goal is to eliminate “noise”.
  • Don’t always talk out loud. Think things through before you launch an idea. Sleep on it.
  • Encourage, encourage, encourage.

Things I need to do (better) everyday:

  • Connect with God (Bile reading and prayer)
  • Connect with a volunteer
  • Connect with someone in the church
  • Connect with my family
  • Connect with a student
  • Connect with a parent
  • Do something fun

Great Idea: If you start out negative in the morning, tell someone ASAP what’s wrong.

Things I should ask myself Monday mornings:

  • How did you utilize students on Sunday night?
  • Who was “on stage” beside me?
  • Who greeted the students?
  • Did the students have fun?
  • What was the takeaway?
  • How did we utilize staff?
  • How did we work together as a team?
  • What has to change next week to keep us on target?

Where to find new help:

  • Parent Meetings
  • Sunday Service
  • Conference
  • College Students

This is a great little book (I love books that are more like pamphlets. I feel I accomplished a lot in little time). I would recommend to all youth pastors who just need to refocus. While the book is small, beware, it took awhile for me to walk through the concepts. I’m sure it will take even longer to implement the above but that’s all a part of the learning and growing process.



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