Studio Session Mind Dump

The recording process is over.  Everything now moves into the hands of our producer to finalize, mix, and master, what we think, will be a great EP. 

This calls for a mind dump.

  • The recording process is absolutely draining.  We spent so much time this week pouring our hearts into the music.  Almost every night for the past week I went to bed well after 1 a.m. only to start up around nine in the morning.  We literally worked on the record the whole time.  Mix recording with church, husband, and other various responsibilities and you can see how exhaustion takes form so quickly.
  • After the first two days of recording, I further understand why I’m not a drummer.  The process of moving, micing, and mixing drums is extremely tedious.  Cory (our drummer) did such a great job throughout the process.  He should get a gold star on earth and a few crowns in heaven for all his labor.
  • I truly miss having multiple friends that I cherish in close proximity.  Justin (our producer) and I went to college together and shared many experiences that were pivotal in our arrival to where we are now.  He is such a rock solid friend who loves me where I am in life and respects everything and everybody endlessly.  Bethany and I were extremely sad to see his car pull out of our driveway this afternoon.
  • Studio time with the guys is absolutely priceless.  We had so many moments of laughter for no apparent reason.  Last night we were recording gang vocals.  Let’s just say I tried multiple times to turn the camera on but couldn’t get to it because tears were starting to form from due to our antics.  Priceless.

Look for the EP to drop in a few months.  I’ll keep you posted as the workload progresses.  Now back to work.

30 Hour Famine starts tomorrow!



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