You Are What You Magnify

I was at Boarders, Books-a-Million, or Barnes & Nobel the others day (I can’t remember which one, you know they are all the same and all way overpriced.  I mean, come on, $30 for a DVD?).  Anyway, regardless of the organizational name, I strolled through the magazine section after I got finished with the normal “spiritually” section and the “automotive/motorcycle” coffee table books.  While I was browsing the monthly publication, I notice something that has been on my mind every since.

It seems that the magazine section highlights that our society is on the decay.

I’m sure I just blew you mind with the statement above but please stay with me for a second.  We all know the decline of morals and the uprise of sex and violence is on the rise and clearly evident.  You would have to live in a hole not to witness the uprising.  Just stolling through the news stand, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  However, the “progression” of sex, violence, and anti-morals is not what amazed me.  What amazed me is how we got to this place.

It seems that when you magnify what you think is important, it becomes important to someone else.

An explanation: Years ago someone decided to show a little skin, publish a little violence, or “rebel” a little against society.  Someone else thought what they saw was interesting so they highlighted/printed it in a publication.  Someone else bought the publication and showed it to two friends.  Then those two friends showed their two friends and so on and so on.  Now we are dealing with an outpour of a mistake that I wish we could take back.

My questions?

  • Where have all the good things gone?
  • Are we too late?
  • What will my kids have to advert their eyes to, their ears to, and their mind to?

A smart man once said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.”  So are we in the place where we are falling for everything?  Why do we let the mistakes of others continue to effect our society?  Was a passive attitude to just say, “it’ll pass”?  Why do we stand and justify actions that we know are morally wrong?

I don’t understand…

Quite frankly, I grow tired of standing at the news stand having to personally go through a massive amount of justification just to “get through” one “decent” publication.

Perhaps I need to work on my own magnification and what I highlight as important. So I ask myself and reflect while at the news stand, “Jordan, what are you highlighting that is detrimental or hindering to someone else’s personal walk/your walk?  What are you refusing to eliminate?”

I strolled out of the news stand scratching my head…

What do you think?



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