Friday Mind Dump

We went to the AGAPE music fest Friday and Saturday with so many teenagers.  We to party and the mission was accomplished. We camped out in hog barns, rocked out to Family Force 5, and survived, “the worst storm ever” (Back story: Some girl said we were going to get, “the worst storm EVER” next to me at a concert Friday night.  It rained hard that night but it was far from the worst storm ever.).  What was the best quote of the weekend? I’m glad you asked. “We throw parties for Jesus.  If you don’t like it, go get a funnel cake or something girl.”

Sunday morning we had church followed by the AWANA fun fair.  You can see pictures here.  I love running around with a camera and entertaining small children.  While I was mingling about I had a great idea.  You know those “bounce houses” they have for little kids.  Well, what if they made those in adult sizes?  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  I feel the same way about ball pits.  Adult size ball pits.  In heaven they have massive adult size bounce houses and gigantic ball pits.  I asked Jesus, He said “yup”.

GeNESIS is one more Sunday away from “wrapping up” for the semester.  Who’s ready for summer?

Monday morning I did my first funeral.  It’s amazing that it took this long for me to do a funeral.  I thought funerals were going to be difficult but it’s right up my alley.  You get to take care of people, spread the gospel of Jesus, and give lots of hugs to the hurting.  While funerals may be sad to some, when the deceased knows the Lord, it’s a time to rest in the understanding that they are with the Lord.  Absent from the body, present with Christ.  Absolutely.

Tuesday night we started church softball.  I played amazingly poor reserving y spot at the bottom of the batter order for next week.  No other place to go than up from here.

So much more happening but that’s all for now.

What on your mind?



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