The Living God

The prophets of Baal spent morning until noon screaming out to a god that did not exist.

They wanted an answer.

They wanted a response.

They got silence.

So they continued.

The prophet Elijah gave incite on what their “god” might be doing:

  • Maybe he’s busy walking around?
  • Maybe he’s going to the bathroom?
  • Maybe he’s out of the office?
  • Maybe he’s asleep?

Regardless of the sarcasm, the people didn’t listen. They choose to continue.  And still, there was no voice from their god.

No one answered. No one even paid attention.

Perhaps the reason you’re not getting a response from your “god” may be because you are calling on the name of a god that doesn’t exist.  Elijah showed the people what the real God could do when you call upon His name.  When the people saw the real God working, they fell on their faces.

If you seek a call from the Lord, understand that you have to first know the Lord in which you call.  The living God is active and engaging His people who know Him personally.

He always responds.

He always answers.

The living God is not walking around aimlessly in heaven.  He’s not going to the bathroom or out of the office.  He isn’t even asleep.

The living God.  The God of Elijah is alive.  He’s living, active, and responding to the people when they call on His name.

Today will you call upon the name of the living God?



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