10 Basic (ministry) Principles

10. Show Your Cards Constantly: The ministry is not about holding out on the other guy to elevate yourself. The knowledge inside your brain needs to be released.  The key to Christianity is making more Christians (See/study Matthew 28).  If you have an idea, a concept, a plan, a criteria, a curriculum, some knowledge, etc, break it out and tell as many people as you can.  Jesus said that He was giving His disciples the the keys to the kingdom so they could do great things.  Think what would have happened if they would have kept their mouth shut.

9. Be Honest With Your Moves: In the business world there is a tendency to hide from mergers or startups.  People have a tendency to never let other people in on what’s occurring in your life.   While you don’t always have to spill all the beans to everyone on where you feel God is leading, there are people around that would love to pray with you regarding your  thoughts to merge, departures, plant, etc.  Spend time with those individuals pouring out the direction God is laying on your heart and leading you.

8. Trust: This is something pastors don’t do very well.  Trust is a weakness we all need to work on.  Listen, people are going to hurt you in the ministry.  It happens.  However, regardless how bad you have been burned in the past, you need to trust people in your congregation, other pastors in the community, and those around you over and over again.  Not everyone in this world is, “out to get you”.

7. Buy What Your Selling: Seriously. If you don’t believe in Jesus, “GET OUT OF THE MINISTRY RIGHT NOW!”.  Christianity is faith in Jesus.  I have met so many “pastors” who seriously doubt what their teaching their congregation.  Scary.

6. You Home is Always on Limits: A pastor friend of mine once told me that a pastors house is a place that should resemble the kingdom of heaven.  In that statement he meant that your home is a place that you prepare for people to come and feel welcomed.  You prepared this place for them and it was given to you by God so you could minister in their lifes.  Have people in your home often.  Welcome them freely.

5. Credit Means Nothing: I don’t care if Rick Warren is your Grandpa, Billy Graham lived in your house back in the day, or Billy Sunday did your great grandfathers funeral.  Name dropping gets you nowhere.  You can quote guys all you want but at some point you need to start making things your own.

4. Ministry is Life: There is no separation from family time and church time.  The ministry is twenty-four seven.  Your wife needs to be a Godly women and your kids need to love the Lord.  People are watching and waiting for you to set the standard. Do it!

3. Carry the Word (Your Bible): I can’t tell you how many guys don’t have a bible on them when they travel.  They just quote scripture and expect people to believe them.  When you use the Word of God (the Bible), open it up and show people where you’re finding the help they need for their lives.  I promise it does wonders.

2. You are not over Authority: In the ministry we are here to be a help, not a hinderance.  How’s your relationship with the police, the hospitals, the town hall, etc?  The governing authorities work more in your favor if they like you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

1. People Always Come First:  The ministry is people.  No more, no less.  If you’re not involved in the lives of people, you’re not a pastor. Without people, you have no ministry.  If you spend more time staring at a computer screen than your congregations eyes, there is a problem.

Think about it.



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