Six Questions for Staff

When looking for youth staff (or any other staff for that matter), I tend to ask, in various forms, six questions to help gauge the hearts of our leadership.

Here we go…

1. How do you keep your “eyes” on Christ? In other words, I’m looking for an answer that reflects how our leaders are seeking direction from Christ in their lives before making a decision.  This is such an open ended question and honestly, it’s intended to be.  The important thing is to let that person talk and just listen.

2. On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest have you been this week? For the most part I am not around these individuals in the week (we deal a lot with volunteers).  Therefore, it’s important that they are honest with me about how truthful they are in their workplaces, families, and other situations they encounter throughout the week.

3. How would you define a “tender heart”? We desire to see people who have a passion for Jesus and people.  Sometimes you have to define terms to see what direction a person will go and make sure they are on pace with you.  For example, one time I had an individual think a tender heart was a person that was constructive and militant in discipline.  While that may or may not be true, in our youth ministry, we are not out to discipline our students.  That’s mom and dads job (which we try to help with as best as possible).  Overall, this question helps me see a person’s sensitive side.

4. Name three things you are passionate about (and you can say Jesus or the Bible)? This question helps us see what our staff is passionate about.  It’s awesome to see people who have interests, hobbies, and pastimes.  For example, I love the Chicago Cubs.  Why is that important?  Living in Saint Louis means I’m engrossed in Cardinal country.  Therefore, when I encounter youth that love baseball it’s a great “starting point” to get a conversation going that we would pray would eventually turn to a conversation about Jesus.

5. What are you reading right now in the Bible and outside the Bible? We want people who want the word.  If leadership refuses to read their Bibles daily, it could be a huge problem later.  We also want people who are reading outside the Bible.  Remember, readers are leaders.

6. What was the last problem you solved and the last problem you started? It’s amazing how many people solve problems but aren’t willing to say they started one as well.  In this question I’m looking for honesty.  I know we’re not perfect.  It’s important to us that our staff know their a work in progress as well.

How do you gauge your staff?



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