Life At the Moment

Corinne (my daughter) is almost a month old.  She is still in the stage where she goes to the bathroom, eats, then goes back to sleep.  What a life.

Fatherhood is interesting.  I get a massive amount of information from people talking about the future and what it will look like with my children.  While I’m sure the future will hold many interesting memories and growing experiences, I can’t help but stay stuck current moment. I love every minute that I have to be a dad. There is no rush on my part to the “next phase”.

Bethany is getting better every day.  She is still a little sore but fatigue is a bigger issue in our house than soreness.  Last night on our way home from our “Indiana Weekend” we were talking about being able to sleep-in.  We went to bed at 11:30 p.m. only to wake up again at one in the morning to Corinne refusing to go back to bed.  Throw another feeding at three and five and it’s time to say good morning by seven. What’s sleeping in again?

I think the dog feels jaded over the new addition to the Muck family.  Last night he just laid around the house with these sad eyes while we unpacked.  I went and laid on the floor with him for awhile then, feeling even more sorry for him, I put him in bed with us for the night.  He loved every minute.  It’s amazing at how much a part of the family our big white hundred pound bulldog can be.

What life at the moment look like for you?



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