Leading in Second Place

Joshua was an interesting character.  The more you study his life, the more you’ll start to understand so many concepts regarding leadership.

Joshua was second in command for almost forty (40) years under the direction of Moses  After Moses death, Joshua comes front and center to take the lead.

In our culture one tends to breathe a sigh of relief when the leader in front of them dies or gets dismissed.  The younger apprentice thinks internally, “It’s about times. Now I can conduct and instruct the way I want to, the way I choose.”

In Joshua, there was no room of jealousy.

Think about the peoples perception of Moses as Joshua takes the reigns from his mentor.  The Bible says that the people declared, “There will never be another Moses.” (Deut. 34:10).  After all, Moses knew the Lord face to face.

There was no way that Joshua could be another Moses.

However, God did not expect Joshua to be another Moses.  He expected him to be Joshua.  He expected him to lead like Joshua, not like Moses.  Joshua was a man of God with his own gift set that was to exercised and executed out according to the call of the Lord.  Moses did his part, now it was time for Joshua to rise up and do his.

So what has God called you to do.  God isn’t looking for another Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, or Rick Warren. (Insert your Christian leader of choice here if you don’t resonate with those three.)

God’s looking for you to be you.  He is looking for you to do what he has called you to do specifically and lead like yourself.  There is no room for envy or jealousy in the second in command, only humility.

In the patience of being number two, there must be a listening to know the will and calling of God and execute it with excellence.

Think about it.



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