Until We’re Kings

The following is taken from my good friend, Jonathan Eckberg‘s new blog. Go over there after reading and give him some love.

I was extremely excited to get my hands on the final mixes of the new Until We’re Kings worship EP, “Heirs” yesterday.  It’s been a four month process from the start of recording to where we are now.

For those who are not familiar with Until We’re Kings (which is 99.9% of you), here’s a little background:   It’s a worship project I was fortunate to be a part of with my buddy Jordan Muck, who is the Associate/Youth Pastor at Community Gospel Church in Bremen, IN.  Jordan and I had a few songs laying around and we worked up a couple new ones together and decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and throw them down for posterity-sake.  Jordan called in his college roommate Justin Long, who now works out of Washington, D.C., to come to southern Illinois for a week in late March to produce the songs for us.  We then enlisted the help of Cory Done to play percussion.  Cory played with us on the worship team at Highland Community Church, so he was an easy pick (the dude is a fantastic musician, he’s like a machine on the drums).  On top of that we convinced Jordan’s wife, Bethany, to help us out by laying down some vocals, which was crazy impressive as she was like 6+ months pregnant at the time.  Once the songs got back to DC we got even more vocal help from Anna Long and Jessica Long.

We spent a solid week doing basic tracking and vocals.  Then Justin took the tracks back to the Powder Mill (his studio in DC) and cleaned them up by adding some more piano/synth/bass/vocal/etc. parts to the songs.  That was followed by Justin and I passing tracks back and forth over the internet for me to put some finishing touches on some guitars, piano, and vocal tracks at Papa’s Place Studio (Erie, IL).  Now he has finished with the mixing process.

Next step for us is to have the mastering done by Mike Kalajian (30/30 Club Studio) and the actual production of the disc and we should be ready to roll this puppy out.  Our goal is to have the physical copies of this 6-song EP ready for sale by October 1, with digital copies available on iTunes soon after.

UPDATE: The physical disc should be for sale at this years youth leadership camp in Converse, IN where Jonathan will be leading worship and I will be speaking.  Keep your ear to the ground for more information on the release.

We’re excited!



1 Response to “Until We’re Kings”

  1. 1 Mike August 23, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    I NEED one of these cd’s

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