Indiana Pride

Well, we have been in Indiana for almost a little over a month now and I have to admit, its been an incredible experience so far. Here’s a few big things I love about being up north.

  • Our House: Goodbye renting, hello responsibility.  Home ownership is outstanding.  We live on a corner lot with great neighbors (we take their two kids to church) and an even better location in proximity to the church (a little less than 5 miles.  We used to live about 7 miles from the church). If you haven’t had a chance to take the tour of our crib, you can see the video of our house here.
  • Our Church: Community Gospel has been outstanding in so many different ways.  I work with so many great people in a great location.  The congregation is serious about elevating the faith but staying consistent in having a good time in the process. It’s an awesome balance.  I seriously love the focus on internal personal growth with the saints and a focus on external missions inside the local community and taking the gospel to the world globally.
  • The Weather: Saint Louis is/was full of humidity in the summer and bitter cold winds in the winter without snow.  While we have had our hot days here in the past month, it’s no where near as humid.  We also get lots of snow here (or so I have been told) to which I will take any day over the cold wind and ice.

There is seriously so many more great things to list and so much more to come in the future.  God’s going to do an amazing work here for sure.  Keep you ear to the ground, you’ll hear the rumble.

I promise.



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