New Worship

A couple of new worship discs were brought to my attention that might be worth checking out.

1. Elevation Worship: The third release from Elevation is called Kingdom Come.  I have yet to buy the disc but I found a few places that were streaming it in its entirety.  It’s not a bad release in my opinion but I still think the team needs to “push it” a little more.  I do however, love the addition of some female vocals (a girl named London) and letting Chris (Brown) sing more.  Sorry Wade (Joy). It’s worth the $10. Go get it.

2. SummitRDU Worship: My boy Jonathan told me about this release.  Summit Church is J.D. Greear‘s church in North Carolina (he is probably one of the best preachers I have heard). According to their site, Summit Church is releasing, “From Age to Age, a brand new batch of original worship tunes for us to sing in our weekly worship gatherings.”  It is “an entire album featuring 10 different songs written out of what God is doing here at the Summit Church.”  I haven’t heard the whole disc except for a few sound bites.  Sounds interesting. May be worth checking out.

3. Until We’re Kings: This is my project coming out October 1st. It’s called “Heirs”.  Someone told me, “It totally kicks the teeth out of anything else out there.”  I agree.  When it comes out, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.  I’ll post more on how you can purchase it online as the release date approaches. It’ll blow your mind!

What are you worshiping to?



1 Response to “New Worship”

  1. 1 E September 11, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Dude, whoever told you about the Until We’re Kings album must REALLY know what he’s talking about. My bet is he’s stinking awesome too. Just a guess, though.

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