Mind Dump

Ramble, ramble, ramble…

I’m on a huge Mayer Hawthorne kick right now.  It blows my mind at how well (musically) he recreates the past.  If you dig the days of the old, Mayer is the way to go.  Let’s break back out the record player and restock shelves with some vinyl!

Speaking of the days of old, Bethany and I were blessed with the gift of bicycles this past week.  We acquired a few beach cruisers from a friend that are sure to provide days and days of fun filled cruising.  We even got a pull behind tailor for Corinne so she can come along for the ride.

Velocity is going well.  We have yet to break the 50 student mark on our Sunday night gatherings but I’m sure it’s coming.  I think it’s funny when I tell people our ministry (number) goals.  Some people laugh, some people think we’re crazy, some people get excited (I put the excited ones on our staff).  If you set a goal, make it God sized.  We need more people swinging for the fences with our youth.  Our time with them is so limited.

This past week I have had two conversations about the power of teaching the Bible to teenagers.  So often I get into a conversations with youth workers who get bogged down in curriculum searching.  I wonder what would happen if those in full time ministry would stop looking at what other churches were doing and start learning how to teach the Bible to the needs of their people?

With that said, I also wonder how many people are submitting themselves to Christian culture instead of Christ.  I keep seeing all these tweets and blog comments about Christian culture instead of focusing on Christ.  Is it possible to loose Jesus in “the church” culture?  I hope that makes sense… I just keep thinking that there has to be a distinction between the two. Maybe not.  If not, then how do you distinguish the committed Christian from the Christian church culture follower?

What’s in your head?



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