Dave Ferguson and four friends from college launched Community Christian Church, a church that is passionate about “helping people find their way back to God”. This church has grown to 600+ leaders with more than 5,000 in attendance at eight sites every weekend throughout Chicagoland. Community Christian Church was recently listed in the Top 50 Most Influential Churches according to The Church Report. Dave also has a book coming out next month, The BIG IDEA: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact. is a Lead Pastor and Spiritual Entrepreneur with Community Christian Church and the NewThing Network.

My Notes/Thoughts:

  • “Wouldn’t it be cool if there could be church in random places… bars, beaches, etc.”
  • “I’m good with giving the money, it just seems there is more i should be doing.”
  • When God births someone, everyone of them He births, He gives them a dream.
  • People would not have be reached for Jesus unless other people are released into their dream/mission that God has given to them.  How many times to we short out God when we short out other people and their gifts?
  • When people are healed by the power of God they will listen to the message of Jesus.  Maybe we need to communicate to those we are trying to reach the ways that we have been praying for them and what we see God doing in their lives? Maybe.
  • Missional People + Multiplying Churches = Missional Movement
  • We are great about the macro production but we are failing at the micro production.
  • Some people like the story of one person who brings on change to a massive amount of people.  Another person likes it when one person has brought massive change to one person.  I’m the kind of person that wants to change lots of people.

How to create a culture for missional movement:

  1. Ordain every Christ follower: “You are a chosen nation, a royal priesthood” There has to be a call in which you ordain people and anoint them to reach people for the kingdom of Heaven.  When you bless people, they wil do amazing things.
  2. Lead with a “yes”: It’s scary when you give people control but it is crucial to their ministry/dream.
  3. Make hero’s of everyday people: We need to make people feel special by highlighting their story and doing what God has gifted them to do.

I have to admit that when Dave came up I thought I was toast (he’s the last session of the day).  He really brought it to end the day though and I have a lot to think about as I lead the church further into a balance of living missional and being attractional.

What a day.



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