About Rob: Rob’s official title is Pastor of Life Mission at Granger Community Church. His role is to help people get out of their seat and get into God’s story, especially outside the four walls of the church building. He spends his time teaching, building teams and creating opportunties to mobilize people so that “up there” comes “down here.” He loves forging partnerships in his local community and around the world. Granger is dreaming huge dreams about slaying the giants of our time – things like spiritual lostness, poverty, sickness, injustice, and illiteracy. Rob can be found at Enter Mission.

My Notes/Thoughts:

  • “People don’t want to be assimilated by the church world.” I hear that.  I think people sometimes don’t enter in because their scared they won’t e able to get out.
  • Rob used this illustration.  This is an interesting illustration and really makes you think.  Check it out:
  • Rob has a ton of energy.  You can tell he works/used to work with youth.  I love guys like this.  They make me wound up and give me hope that people will hear guys with ADHD’s messages and our passion for Jesus.  He did use extremely small words on his white boards.
  • Rob believes in his pastors vision for the church.  We need more young people who support their pastors and more pastors that cast  a clear vision to follow.
  • UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: Rob speaks and videos play in the background illustrating his point.  I like this as it eliminates the slide show that the church has been doing forever.  I think if I see another slew of pics with a music track in the background I might loose it.

I truly believe the day of the denomination is dead.  Before you know it, churches in your community will be outposts of their mother church located somewhere else in the country/world.  I believe, even after Rob spoke and affirmed, that there will come a day when I will walk down the street in my local community that there will be a Harvest Church, an Elevation Campus, a Granger campus, etc. etc. so on and so on. I don’t know if I’m scared or excited… I guess we’ll see.

Think about that.



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