AND CONFERENCE: Matt Carter (Breakout)

About Matt: Alongside worship leader Chris Tomlin, Matt is the Senior Pastor of The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX, one of the 100 fastest growing churches in Amercia. Matt has been the featured speaker at Houston Metro and various camps and conferences nationwide. He currently lives in Austin with his wife Jennifer and his three children, John Daniel, Annie and Samuel. Check Matt out on Twitter.

My Notes/Thoughts:

  • Matt’s plan for his church was off of Charles Spurgeon and the Metropolitan Tabernacle Church.  That is awesome.
  • There has to be a time when you don’t run from the city because of its problems but embrace the city for its restoration and renewal for the gospel.
  • Matt says his job is to exhaust the name of Jesus Christ period.  Is that yours as a pastor? As a disciple? As a Saint?
  • The Tabernacle engaged the city but building low income housing residences, built homes for the elderly, built a school and a home for the orphans, took care of single moms, began a school that educated poor pastors, started a ministry to train business men to do missions as men in their workplace, etc. etc. etc.  Our churches aren’t doing jack compared to this model.  We need to raise the bar and the standard on what we are trying to accomplish and the people we are ministering to.
  • Would the city grieve if your church closed its doors tomorrow?
  • When a gospels doing a good work in your church the gospels will do a good work through your church.
  • Matt opened his bible and spoke from it.  This is he first I have seen in this conference (sad?).  There are also few people in his breakout session… What happened to our hunger for expository preaching of the Word and relating it to the culture?  Oh wait, I’m at a church conference, never mind.
  • Are you for your city?

Seriously, go and be challenge by Matt.  Our technology today gives us the ability to sit in so many churches via podcast and the Austin Stone is one that you need to attend weekly.  You can access their material here.


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