AND CONFERENCE: Tim Stevens (Main Session)

About Tim: For over 15 years, Tim’s leadership has helped Granger connect with people who think church is irrelevant. He has done this through the creative blending of architecture, strategy and technology. He’s acutely tuned in to popular culture and is instrumental in balancing operations, building creative teams and inspiring artists to brand each message series and sharpen the weekend experience. He’s co-authored the Simply Strategic book series using humor and practical principles to equip churches and ministry leaders, and in 2008 published Pop Goes the Church to challenge leaders to leverage the culture to reach their communities. You can read more on Tim at Leading Smart.

My Notes/Thoughts:

Tim used a couple of youtube videos that you can see here:

  • Missional Schmissoinal (There is no way that is spelled wrong… it was on the screen that way so it must be a word)
  • Attractional Schmactional (Seriously… what’s going on. You should be here and it would make more sense.)
  • Tim talked a lot about getting worn out or burned out on missional and attractional thinking.  I love how he talked about the “Sunday’s Coming” concept (that you have to come up with something every Sunday).  It is a wearing process on those in the church but I love how it all comes back to Christ and being like him.  Some things will land and some won’t.  That’s just the way it is but you have to keep going and serving the kingdom of God.
  • A growing number of Americans are recognizing a need to develop their inner life… but many don’t know where to begin.” -USA Today
  • All churches can be described in America as “Come to us”.

Tim closed with three main points:

  • There are things we can do to reach the 60% of the unchurched.  We have to strive to figure that out.
  • We need to focus on those 40% who come to the church.  We cannot lose focus on our people and their spiritual needs.
  • We must help the 40% of the churched reach their 60% of the unchurched that they know.

Man, I lean so much when Tim talks.  I love the fact that he talked about the church being in the heart of the community.  That the church (building) is the place to go for all the needs of the people.  What an amazing concept that would take a massive amount of faith.

Good stuff.



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