Things That Bother Me

Just a small rant…

  • Students that can recite birthdays and ridiculous facts about Hollywood celebrities but have no idea about anything that can effect their life in a positive way.  I think to go along with this I would also say parents that could care less about anything in their child’s life outside of sporting events.  It amazes me that Mom’s and Dad’s will drop off their teenager off at a youth event hoping that one single moment in time will make their children into “better people”.  Last time I checked there were seven days in a week and we usually only see them for one of them so we desperately need parents to start stepping it up at home.  More is caught than taught Mom and Dad so stop looking for someone else to do your work and start putting in the time and effort at home. Can I get an Amen?
  • Spiritual apathy.
  • When people paint things that are truly coming apart at the seams and dying in a positive light.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the positivity but if something is broke and can’t be fixed then it might be time to abandon ship.  There are a lot of nice boats in the bottom of the ocean and you know what? All the people that loved them enough to stay on board while they were sinking went down and are dead now.  Something to think about.
  • Turning on the television and seeing a hundred different commercials/shows that are littered with sexuality.  Really? From pills for men to girls making body wash relate to parts that shouldn’t be discussed in public.  I don’t understand the obsession to turn everything into a sexual conversation/connotation.  It’s honestly not funny.  It’s uncomfortable and I hate it.

It’s Monday (which is no excuse), but what bothers you?

Rant away.



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