Signs of a Healthy Church

We have been in thought for some time regarding the definition of what a “heathy church” looks like.  Seeing how the Bible speaks to all things, here is my list of nine traits I see of a healthy church according to Acts 2:42-47:

  1. A DEVOTION to the apostles TEACHING: A healthy church has people who are DEVOTED to the teaching of God’s Word. (42)
  2. A DEVOTION to the FELLOWSHIP: A healthy church does takes the Word as a foundation for community. (42)
  3. A DEVOTION to the BREAKING of BREAD: A healthy church eats together REGULARLY.  Common meals were simply that, common. (42 & 46)
  4. A DEVOTION to prayer: A healthy church spends time in ONE accord. (Acts 1:14; 2:42)
  5. AWE: A heathy church has an “awe” at the work being done by the Lord. (43)
  6. A DEVOTION to DISTRIBUTION: A healthy church distributes possessions and provides services based on the needs of the people (pro bono) (45)
  7. A GLAD and GENEROUS HEART: A heathy church is content with what God gives.  The people are POSITIVE in their praise. (46 & 47)
  8. A PROPER STANDING: A heathy church has FAVOR with ALL the people (47)
  9. A INCREASE of NUMBERS: A heathy church sees the Lord add to their numbers DAY by DAY through the evangelism of the people (not just from one individual) (47)

What would you add to the list?  What would you take away?



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