2011 Reading List (So far)

Almost half way through the year!

I figured I would let you in on what I have been reading this year. Click on the title of a book to shoot you to the Amazon.com page where you can purchase a copy for yourself.

  • FRESH WIND, FRESH FIRE by Jim Cymbala – Interesting read from a slanted perspective. Full of delightful stories on the work of the Holy Spirit. Encouraging to say the least.
  • BROKENNESS – The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss – One of the best books I have read this year.  Changed a lot of my perspective on prayer and how I feel inside.
  • A JOURNEY TO VICTORIOUS PRAYING by Bill Thrasher – Another prayer book that was engaging. I appreciated the openness of “coming back” to a prayer “life”.
  • THEY FOUND THE SECRET by V. Raymond Edman – People rave about this book but I would only suggest reading it if your into quick summaries of stories of those who have done things for the Lord.  May be a good pastor illustration source.
  • TRANSFORMED IN HIS PRESENCE by Tammy Schultz & Roger Peugh with Deb Nicholas
  • PRAYER by O. Hallesby – This is a classic.  It was my first time through.  Still processing some of the contents.
  • INSIDE OUT by Larry Crabb – Great read for those who counsel people.  Even better read if you open yourself up and let the information speak to you personally about what’s going on inside that you’re not being open about.
  • THE EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY CHURCH by Peter Scazzero – This book was awesome.  There are so many personal exercise to do throughout the book that will really illuminate the book.  Take your time and read this slow!
  • RENOVATIONS OF THE HEARTby Dallas Willard – Another classic that I have not read.  The work is written from a slightly slanted perspective but still has merit on the subjects addressed.
  • HERMENEUTICS by Henry Virkler – One of the best book I have read on how to study the Bible. This is not for the beginning study though as the reading can be challenging if you don’t speak “Christianese”.
  • LIVING BY THE BOOK by Howard Hendricks – This is a little lighter book on how to study the Bible. It is a great read for people who have never “uncovered” how to study the Bible for themselves.
  • DEVOTED by Rick and Dick Hoyt – If you struggle with getting off the couch and working out then you need to read this book. You can do anything when motivated properly!

What are you reading?  How is it helping shape and change you?



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