SOS Weekend

Our Velocity team had a great weekend with our young people.  My intern Devan wrote about the experience with our young people.  I wanted to share it with everyone so here goes.  (NOTE: If you’re in the South Bend area you should team up with Summer of Service.  It’s awesome.)

Some stats from the Director (of Summer of Service):

What an amazing experience this past weekend during SOS!  With over 270 students, over 70 adult leaders, washing 573 cars, giving away over 3000 bottles of water, providing 8 block parties that loved on hundreds of families, picking up over 20 city blocks of trash, completing around a dozen city work projects, witnessing hundreds of people coming together in the name of Jesus to impact this community it was an overwhelming time of watching God do His thing through people dedicated to following Him!  We saw students and adults come to the cross of Jesus for the first time, relationships reconciled through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of the Kingdom of God reign in the lives of a very diverse range of students and churches.

Here’s Devan’s Thoughts:

This was my first time going to S.O.S. and I thought that it was an amazing time.  With other church camps, the majority of the time was spent focusing on ourselves.  This was more about flipping our “i” centered life over and living a life of an “!”.  The focus of the camp was to let God work through us to impact others.  While in our sessions, Bob Morton spoke directly to problems that we face in our generation.  He urged us to start serving others as Christ did so that we can show God’s love and make an impact in our communities.

On Saturday night, after having a session about learning to see ourselves as God sees us, there was a time of prayer.  During that time there was a lot of reconciliation that took place.  Kids would go talk to other students.  Some would talk to their leaders.  And some would sit and pray for the strength to talk to those people at home.

The entire S.O.S. experience was one that I have never felt before.  The response that we are given from people that we serve shows that this type of service is not normal.  The prayer that goes out is that the serving attitude does not end with this weekend, but goes on through the rest of our lives.




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