Prayer Requests & Speaking Stops

It’s been a busy time prepping and studying God’s Word.  There are some awesome events coming up. Here are some dates and events you can join in and help us out by praying on the day/time or in a general way.  As with any event there always a striving to execute biblical truth accurately, softening the audiences heart to the truth, and communicate God’s Word in a real, relevant way.  Here we go!

Stop 1: 10/20-10/22 Weekend (youth) The Strands of Spiritual Authenticity (Indiana)

  • Friday (10/20): Speaking – Rainbow Christian Camp (Luke 6:45 & The Gospel)
  • Saturday Evening (10/21): Speaking – Rainbow Christian Camp (Ephesians 1:3)
  • Sunday Morning (10/22): Leading Worship and Speaking (Philippians 2:3-4)

Stop 2: Sunday Evening (youth)  Ruthless – Dating in Relation to Ruth (A Guide for the Young)

  • Sunday Evening (10/22): Speaking – Velocity Youth (Ruth 3)

Stop 3: 10/28-10/29 Weekend (youth)  Title TBA (Michigan)

  • Friday (10/28): Speaking – Title TBA
  • Saturday (10/29): Speaking – Title TBA

Stop 4: 10/30 Sunday Sessions (Community Gospel Church)

  • Sunday (10/30) Morning Session (Adult/Morning Service) – Speaking – Title TBA
  • Sunday (10/30) Session (youth) – Speaking – Is there a Spiritual Significance to Halloween?

Thank you for joining us in prayer and intercession.

If you are in the area and fit into the appropriate age group come on out!



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