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My “friend” (we have met one time in person and I love the dude) Harper did an interview for this thing called The Setup which is an online community that focuses on “shifting the dialog to the objects that are behind the action”.  I’m not a designer, engineer, or developer but I still consider myself an artist that uses many “tools” for creation.  I jumped on The Setup wagon to answer a few questions.  If you want, jump on in. This stuff is exhilarating to read for me.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Jordan Muck. I make ministry easy for others through organization and communication.

What hardware are you using?

There are two places I find myself “working” (organization, writing for speaking engagements, school, etc).  They consist of (1) the home “office” (usually thats the floor in the living room or the rocker in my daughters room when my wife teaches piano) and (2) the church office.  At the church office I use a 27 inch iMac hooked up to a cheap old school stereo system to help boost the speakers.  At home I use a first generation Macbook (the white plastic one).  I used to run external monitors to both computers but my office computer is big enough that I really don’t need one and the computer at home takes to much time to hook up.

Sometimes I carry a bag, sometimes I don’t.  Most of the time I simply carry my Bible an iPhone (explained later).  My bag of choice is a Case Logic Bag (Kahki Colored) I got some time ago.  It holds my Mac and lots of other stuff with room to spare.  I also have another smaller bag that my friend Cori stitched for me in college when I don’t need my computer and I simply take my Bible and iPad.

In my bag I always have my ESV Bible, a commentary of some kind (right now its the NIV Application), and my prayer journal.  I keep pens, pencils, and all the chords you could image in the front pocket.  I also keep a small moleskin with a tape (yes, cassette tape) of my first sermon to keep me humble in the side pockets.

I have tons of headphones but I honestly love the iPod phones the best.  I don’t care how many people hate on them, they are awesome and I love how convenient they are.  I also have an old school “big gig” iPod and iPod touch for storing music and yes, they are both full.

For mobile communications I use my iPad 2 with the Elan Passport Griffin Case.  If I need a keyboard I’ll switch over to the Zagg Folio. I prefer the Griffin case simply for convenience but the Zagg makes the iPad a Netbook in a heartbeat.  I don’t use my iPad for reading as I like the look and feel of books.  I do use it for reading magazines though. Nothing will ever replace my Bible with actual pages and a pen.  That is priceless. I use the iPhone 4 (who needs Siri and hi def photos?) with the OtterBox Defender Case in hardcore trips and Old School Tape Deck Case in home settings.


To cruise the web I stick with Safari.  On my Macs I use all Microsoft Word/Office Processing programs with Keynote and Powerpoint for presentations (Keynote is WAY better! Everything with Mac just works, as it should.).  Most people often do not have Mac compatible computers so I stay with Word due to the diversity of platforms (some churches love PC, plus I just never got on the pages thing).  I use iTunes and Pandora for storing and streaming Music.  I also use iMovie for film, iPhoto for photo storage, and Photoshop for editing, logos, and other various design work.  Everything runs on the Lion Apple OSX.  If I’m chatting online (which doesn’t happen often), I use Skype.

That’s what i got… for now.  I love tech.

What about you? Whatcha got?



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