Sitcom Misconceptions

Three things that I’ve noticed.

1. Drinking: There are a very few people in this world that drink as much as people do on sitcom television.  The people that do in real life are called “alcoholics”.  “Alcoholics” attend meetings and have a ton of problems overcoming various other addictions.  This is not a good thing.   If you want to go a ton of meetings where you have to say your full birth name every time you sit down in a circle of people on really uncomfortable chairs and have a ton of drama in your life then please.. drink in real life as much as they do on television.

2. The “Clever” Thing: Not all people in the world can think on their feet like sitcom people can.  This is because, wait for it, sitcoms are written out before the show is shot on a camera and actors get to rehearse their lines before they get recorded on that camera.  You can try to be clever in life but that comes in time with a lot of practice.  If you never get the clever thing down, don’t worry. That means  you are not a clever person and that my friend is okay.

3. Hanging Out: If people were at/in my house as much as people were on television at their “friends” house/apartment/condo/slum, I would freak out.  I might have a mental breakdown if I saw people just hanging out in my house when I came home, having clever conversations with each other and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. My daughter goes to bed at 8 pm. She’s tired. Plus my favorite show comes on at 9 and it’s the one with… oh never mind.

What did I miss?



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