Momentum – Day 1 – Greg Stier

Greg Stier: The founder and executive director of Dare 2 Share Ministries International. Since 1991, Dare 2 Share has trained over 30,000 Christian teenagers across the United States and Canada how to share their faith clearly and confidently. He has been a guest speaker for Youth for Christ’ s DC/LA Super Conferences in 1997 and 2000, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Greg has authored several evangelism training curricula. He and his wife, Debbie, live in the Denver area and have one son and a daughter.

Greg starts to tell a story about his body builder relative named Jack. He tells the message of people in his family who came to know Christ. He’s a “youth pastor” all the way. Tons of energy and drive. We need more pastors like him.

“You might not know Jesus to be tough.”

“All the stereotypes about Jesus are wrong except for His eyes… He saw them differently. He saw their hurts, pains, and hopelessness.”

Compassion means to suffer with, to sympathize, to bear. It is something being sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate.

Are you brokenhearted for the lost lambs? What if we asked people their story and genuinely listened to their responses?

“We must SEE the UNSEEN. People can get saved in the grocery store.”

RANDOM SIDE NOTE: Being a speaker I feel for Greg at this point because he is sweating like crazy. Those stage lights must be hot tonight and the air conditioner is not working full force. Keep going brother, you’re killing it!

3 Keys to Getting the Eyes of Jesus: (1) Pray for people to coming to a saving faith. When Christians start praying there is revival and teenagers are central to that revival! (2) Picture people in your mind as a field of spiritual crops waiting to be harvested. Exercise your faith and use your imagination. See your friends through Jesus eyes. See them and proclaim the message of the Gospel. (3) ???

Out of the twelve times hell is mentioned in the NT, eleven are mentioned by Jesus. Why are we so scared as Christians to talk about hell? Are you willing to risk life and limb so that others can come to know the Lord?

Overcome your inabilities and disabilities to leverage the kingdom of God and share the Gospel.

Interesting couple of moments. Pray for your friends who don’t know Christ then go share the Gospel with them.



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