Momentum – Day 2 – Francis Chan (Morning)

Francis Chan: Francis was born 1968, his mother died giving birth to him. His father remarried, and then his step mother died in a car accident when Francis was 9. Then his father died of cancer when he was 12 years old. The only close relatives he had were his aunt and uncle. But when he was in high school, his aunt and uncle got in a fight, and his uncle shot his wife then killed himself. By God’s grace and mercy, Francis came to know the Lord in high school. Chan was active in Christian youth groups which helped develop his faith in Christianity and his interest in ministry. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Masters College and a Master of Divinity degree from Masters Seminary.

Ask people if there is anything they need to confess before they get up to lead people. There can be people with sin that lead that can cause God to keep the blessing flowing. Confess, confess, confess.

There are people who will never get to experience what we have experienced as Christians.

“Satan absolutely loves what we do in 90% of churches…. because we keep hearing the Word and doing nothing with it. We keep deceiving ourselves…. my heart has gotten used to this stuff.”

“I don’t want to waste your time and I just want to say what God wants me to say.”

SPEAKER NOTE: We need to share as communicators what God is doing in our lives and hearts. People are probably thinking more of the same thing we think than we know.

“I want one of those OT moments where people just talk about seeing God.” I need to start praying for more NT that parallel OT moments because it’s the same God with the same Spirit. This is dangerous.

As we get frustrated… the Lord speaks to us. Most of our gatherings take no faith because of our comfortable situations. The times when God moves in when the Saints get uncomfortable or when their life is on the line.

SIDE NOTE: This message is on a tangent. A student just leaned over and asked if I saw Francis close his ipad. Interesting what people pick up.

When we get out and share our faith we start to see what is going on in the Bible. This scares me because it pushes me to do church different. I’m still wrestling with ministry to the Jews and Gentile concept in the NT and how that relates to the “churched” and “unchurched”.

People who come to know the Lord are our brother and sisters in the Lord. It’s our job to treat them that way.

“If I ever doubted God… I will never doubt Him again.” What is the moment in your life when you said that? It’s probably not going to happen at church, youth group or some conference, it’s going to happen applying the Word to a bunch of unsaved people.

When is the last time you got together with a bunch of other Christians and prayed for boldness? In the NT that is exactly what the disciples did… When they prayed this the whole placed shook and people who didn’t know God saw Him that day.

Pray for the boldness of the believers. Excited to actually see God move today through our words and actions as a team.



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