Momentum – Day 2 – Scott Williams (Evening)

Scott Williams: Scott Williams served on staff as a key leader and campus pastor for, one of the largest and most innovative churches in America. He is an effective speaker, strategist, ministry consultant, entrepreneur and popular social media influencer for pastors and ministries around the globe. He is an avid blogger at Scott is married, a father of two, and lives in Oklahoma City, OK.

SPEAKER NOTE: Scott is wearing a long sleeve, tight, zip-up hoodie. It’s 90 degrees in here without the lights on.

“When I feel Francis Chan speak I don’t even feel saved anymore.”

Seeing the Unseen – Seeing through Diversity (James 1:26-27 – 1st guy to actually point to Scripture, no less open the book.)

Scott used this video which I thought was interesting (It’s based off his book that you can find here.

Galatians 3:28 – Where we are all one is in Christ Jesus.

2 Ways that we can see the unseen.

(1) Live the great commandment – Mat. 22:37-39: We have to learn to truly love our neighbor as ourself. This is a neighbor that doesn’t look, act or talk like us. Think about the woman at the well (John 4:27-30). Would you say your situation is different because of ministry or because of a moment of Jesus? People need to experience what we are experiencing from Christ.

“We know that this man is the Savior of the world.” John 4:42

If you want to be successful you have to genuinely care for your people. The people can be the greatest asset or the biggest pain in your asset.

All sinners are in need of a Savior. Both the church and the prisons are the most segregated parts of America. It’s too bad we cannot force diversity in the church.

SPEAKER NOTE: You can feel the students checking out. Not interested in diversity? Tired? Too many plugs and no worship before the message? Are we programmed for the program? Interesting.

The future rests in the hope of the church. It’s in our hands as a body of believers. This does not come from people taking their problems and preference to another location, it involves people staying involved to reach people for Jesus regardless of the cost.

“I have a heart for what you want… will you help me?”

(2) Do the great commission – Mat. 28:19: Jesus is literally saying that AS YOU ARE GOING to those people who you are in community with make disciples.

The wages of sin for people who do not know Jesus is death.



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